54" x 20,000 LB Slitting Line

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Slitting Line
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-Entry Coil Car: Above Floor Type 48" Wide Bed 72" O.D. capacity Approx. 12" from Floor to bottom of "V" Cradle 3 HP Self-Contained Hydraulics 7" Bore x 20" Stroke Hydraulic Lift Cylinder 5" Dia. McGill Camrols Cable Reel Hand Pendant Control Overall Size: 82" L x 58" W x 50" High -Uncoiler: Hydraulic Expansion 20" - 24" Coil I.D. 4 Segment Mandrel, 57" Face Width Powered Holddown Roll (Full Width Roll) Hydraulic Motor Threading Drive Sliding Base Wichita Water Cooled Brake Passline: 41" from Floor to center of Mandrel Overall Size: 167" L x 54" W x 74" High -Peeler Table: 6" Dia. x 58" Face Rolls Hydraulic Cylinder Up/Down, In/Out -Entry Pinch Rolls: Bottom Roll Driven by Hydraulic Motor -Entry Side Guides: Manual Adjustment -Slitter Head: 6" Dia. x 56.5" Face Arbors Parallel Arbor Adjustment Knife Diameter Range: 9" - 11" 5 HP AC Motor Threading Drive 1740 RPM, 230/460 V Foote Jones Reducer W/105.9:1 Ratio Passline: 45.5" Overall Size: 140" L x 64" W x 77" High -Scrap Chopper: Yoder 7.5 HP AC Motor Driven 1745 RPM, 208-230/460 V Overall Size: 98" L x 26" W x 34" High -Scrap Conveyor: Livonia Magnetics 0.5 HP AC Motor Thru Reducer, 1725 RPM, 230/460 V Overall Size: 140" L x 26" W x 49" High -Recoiler: 20" Diameter x 64" Face Drum Powered Clamp and Expansion Hydraulic Pushoff Overarm Separator 50 HP CMC DC Motor, 1750 RPM, 500 V Reducer W/43:1 Ratio Passline: 42" From Floor to center of Drum Overall Size: 168" L x 76" W x 73" High -Exit 2 Arm Turnstile: 59" Useable Arm Length C-Hook Type Arms 5" W x 11.5" High C-Hook Slot Manual Rotation Passline: 49.5" from Floor to Top of Arms No Pushoff 60" Dia. Base Overall Size: 142" L x 60" W x 49.5" High -Main Operators Panel: Overall Size: 26" L x 24" W x 51" High -Slitter Tooling: -CMC Drive Panel: Overall Size: 36" L x 14" W x 62" High -Main Hydraulic Power Unit: 20 HP AC Motor -Drawings Included: Mechanical/Electrical Foundation -Spare Parts: Wichita Water Cooled Brake Motor for Hydraulic Power Unit -Line Direction: Right to Left